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  • December 31, 2015 - hosted by Dayna
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  • November 18, 2015 - hosted by Adam Alax
    Bangladesh, a land of exhilarating mix with fascinating history, vibrant cultures, panoramic beauties, historical ruins, flora and fauna, hills and forests, sandy sea beaches and wildlife, is waiting to welcome you on the occasion of ‘Visit Bangladesh 2016′.
  • November 11, 2015 - hosted by Adam Alax
    The name of my village is Dhopadi. It is a large and famous village. It is in the district of Jessore under Avaynagor Upazila. It is the biggest village of our upazila. It is an ideal village. It is not far from thana. Our village is densely populated.
  • June 10, 2015 - hosted by Adam Alax
    This was Elisabeth Andreasson's and Hanne Krogh's second appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest; in 1982 she represented Sweden in the duo Chips with Kikki Danielsson singing "Dag efter dag". Danielsson incidentally finished third after Bobbysocks and West Germany's Wind, with "Bra vibrationer" i...